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Sony cf-560s


Is it worth pairing two GPU's ? | AMD Crossfire (CF) RX 560 Gaming | Tested in 12 Games

Will two graphic cards in crossfire offer more fps without stuttering ? in 2017 ? Let's find out ! In this test video, I compare the gaming performance of single gpu - amd radeon rx 560 4gb against two rx560 gpu's configured in crossfire, in 12 popular demanding games - comparing side by side. Also shown the minimum FPS, frame time graph - for better understanding of any serious bottleneck, micro stutter. Will crossfire provide double the fps ?

12 games tested

Mass Effect Andromeda - 0:01
farcry primal - 0:37
dirt rally - 1:12
rise of the tomb raider - 1:41
resident evil 7 - 2:42
project cars - 3:25
GTA 5 - 3:55
tom Clancy's six siege - 4:45
Crysis 3 - 5:05
Witcher 3 wild hunt - 6:17
battlefield 1 - 6:56
tom clancy's ghost recon - wildlands - 7:27
conclusion - 7:48

Test System specification

Intel i5 4690k - stock frequency, hyper 212 cooler
motherboard asus z97-k (crossfire compatible)
GPU - Gigabyte windforce rx 560 4gb x 2
RAM Corsair Vengenace 1600 mhz 2 x 8 gb dual channel
SSD samsung 850 evo, sandisk x400
HDD WD black 7200 rpm, seagate 1tb 7200 rpm
650 watts psu corsair tx
OS : Windows 10 64-bit
1080p resolution


Malwa 560C Combi (Combined Forwarder/Harvester) Compact Forest Machine

Stand-operative dual forest machine which simply and easily converts between harvester and forwarder without compromising productivity or performance. A unique solution with removable counterweights allows the Combi to perform as well as a traditional harvester.

2,8 liters CAT-engine that meets the demands according to Euro 5/Stage-V Harvester head with up to 42cm cutting diameter and 5.5-tonne load capacity as a forwarder.

In this video, it fells and brings out bark beetle-infested trees outside Eksjö, in Småland, Sweden, April 2021.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section.
For more info, please visit:




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